Hello Guys,

Today am going to show you how to hack facebook account and
receive password in your emailaddress.

Step1. visit www.facebook.com

Now w are on facebook login page, we need to clone the page to look like real facebook page.

What i did is, i rightclick on the facebook page and i saved the
file as “html only” now let’s visit the file i downloaded.

As you can see, the file is on my local computer if you check the address bar, now that we have the files , we need to configure the html file to work with php.

you will open the downloaded facebook page with a notepad.

Now what you should find is “method” or “action”

Found it.

now let’s edit.

Change the “action” address i changed it to facebook.php which will contain the php mail function to receive the victim’s email and password. now let’s look for email and password imput in the form.


Found it. the imput name for the email is “lsd” while the password is “pass”

now we are done with the page save it.

now what you need is a php file to send the pasword to you and redirect user to orginal facebook after submission of their login details.

I have named the facebook file action function to “facebook.php” now we are editing the facebook.php file.

What we need on the php file are


We are done, now you need a cpanel to host the html file and php file.


You can contact me to get the files without stress.

Email: paul@mrpaul.pro

Website: www.mrpaul.pro

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Thank you


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